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Key Phrases Mandate which you can choose FOR SEO)

Price Per Month
$200 / Month
$400 / Month
$700/ Month
Campaign Set up fee (One off payment)
Consultation and Setup
Initial Consultation
Account Creation
Website & Goal Analysis
Campaign Setup
Conversion Tracking Consultation
Call Tracking Setup Consultation
Competitive Analysis Report
Campaign Optimization
Keyword Research & Bid Management
A/B Ad Copy Testing
Conversion Tracking
Revenue Tracking Consultation (if applicable)
Regional Optimization
Ongoing Strategy Development
Quality Score Analysis
Limited Limited Complete
Quality Score Comparision Report
Summary Summary Detailed
Display Network
Text Ads
Image Ads*
0 1 3
Video Ads * (if Applicable)
YES (Aditional Cost for Video Creation)
Placement Sites Targeting
Site Exclusion & Optimization
Demographic Bidding (if applicable)
Mobile Ad Campaign
Mobile Campaign Setup
Mobile Device Targeting

Mobile Carrier Targeting
Bid Management
Remarketing Campaign
Audience management
Remarketing code consultation
Image Ads
Bid Management
Other Activities
Landing Page Consultation*
$50 per page 1 3
Google Ad Extentions Consultation (if required)
Facebook or Linkedin Ads
Additional cost $140/month Additional cost $140/month Additional cost $140/month
Adwords Express (if applicable)
Weekly Report
Monthly Report
Advanced Reports
Customer Support
Email Support
Chat Support

* Minimum Subscription Period on all the above PPC Management Plans is 3 Months

* The Monthly Charges Per Month are paid to seospecializer as Professional Fees for Managing the Campaign and do not include monthly adspent charges, That will be billed directly to you by Google AdWords or Yahoo Search Marketing or Microsoft adCenter